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Prateek deo

Through a JOKAr’s lens: Cricket, Predictive Analytics and Management!

Posted by: Prateek Deo
Apr 15, 2015

“A year of being in Joka can be as eventful as you can imagine and a huge learning experience! Choices, managing the highs and lows of a year in a Bschool can teach you lessons for life…”

It has been a year in the lands (and the lakes) of Joka and what a year it has been! You talk and hear so many things about MBA but when you actually get to experience those moments they seem so unbelievable – worth keeping them locked in the memory lane. There are moments of exhilaration, moments of pure adrenaline rush, some moments of sorrow and many other moments of happiness and amazement.The biggest learning from an MBA (especially here at Joka), I feel, is how to handle these in equanimity. Finance, marketing, strategy, operations – all these can be learnt, if needed, from books too. But what really sets the Joka experience apart are the sheer emotions it brings to the roller coaster ride of MBA. It is a truly unique feature of IIM-C that sets it apart from any other B-schools in India and helps develop leaders with a strong sense of emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) – a thing perceived to be more important these days than intelligence quotient (IQ). “It is not our abilities that make us who we are, it is our choices” – and the MBA program at Joka certainly creates an environment that aids us to make the right choices.

Another thing that is important in today’s world is adaptability. The world is changing at a rapid pace and old concepts and principles, although important, seldom seem futile in real life situations. Take the example of the changes in the game of cricket for simplicity: In the 1990s, the batsman used to hit simple slog shots to accelerate the scoring. But now with batsman hitting all kind of shots – reverse-sweep, switch-hit, helicopter shot etc. bowlers have to be adaptable – adapt to changing batting strategies, adapt to changing playing conditions and come up with innovative solutions.

Moving on to a corporate life example – let us take the example of retail industry. Retail as an industry has undergone massive change in the past decade. Predictive big data analytics has emerged to its very core.Recommendation engine and collaborative methods have become a norm in the industry and as a leader working in the industry it is essential to embrace and adapt to these changes. An interesting (but slightly overboard) example of predictive analytics is the example of “Target”. Target took analytics to another level when they could predict life events in a customer’s life based on their spending patterns. A flavor of this can be found by visiting the following link for an interesting story: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-incredible-story-of-how-target-exposed-a-teen-girls-pregnancy-2012-2?IR=T

The important take-away is that adaptability is very important in the modern world and at Joka the culture of adaptability and flexibility is ingrained whether it is through the style of teaching, the complete flexibility in choosing the courses you desire or it is through various events that you participate in. But as I mentioned earlier: the most important thing that you take away with yourself is the ability to deal with any situation with a balanced mindset. And that arises from the understanding that all that matters to you in life are those special moments and special friendships that you will treasure in the life to come. 1 year at Joka has certainly given me that and with one more year still to go, I cannot help but be excited of the events that lie ahead!


Naresh Rajak(Apr 22, 2015)

Well done. Succinctly captured key points.

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